Globo Mundo Multi Media Group
 Founded to provide a platform for Artists who are driven by Creativity and Individuality.
There are no Parameters set to establish a Norm.
Only a collection of Emotions that are displayed in various Mediums world wide.

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      Film Maker/Producer

             Eric Brandt  




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                        Eric Brandt has been producing films for more than a decade. 

            Born and raised in Albuquerque New Mexico he eventually found his way north. 

                 First to Colorado and then further wondering to the Northwestern part of 

                  the US where his roots in film making began in the Cascade mountains 

                                               producing snow-based pieces. 

Eric is quoted saying, 


"The journey to this point in time has been enlightening to say the least. I feel lucky to have come


this far. But I hear the beating drum of evolution calling and the time has come for another level of


                          creativity to emerge from the future. I think Kuato said it best when he said, "Quuuuuaaaaaiiiiiid, free your mind Quaid."




   global projections

february 15, 2010

Is Print Dead

SO this mornng I had a gentleman in his mid 50's probably come to my doorstep. He was like I'm not selling anything, I'm just starting a new biz in the nieghborhood and I wanted to meet all the nieghbors. I was like ok nice to meet you. The guy hands me a print out and his card. I took it closed the door and threw the print stuff to the side.

   I was thinking, kudos dude, nice motivation hitting the pavement. But I think someone should school this guy on Social Media. I mean those days seem to be gone. To think of the time and money the guy is spending onthe print and time walking around meet n greeting everybody, which is more than likely pissing more people off than stoking them. I mean his first words out of his mouth were I'm not selling anything. There are better ways to handle marketing especially now. I feel bad for not offering to help the guy. Maybe I should have asked him to join our movement? 

Just some random thoughts....

_Da Management

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february 14, 2010

Behind the Scenes

I'm sitting here doing a budget for a bid right now and I'm thinking to myself. There is so much work to trying to get work in the video/film industry. It's no wonder everything costs so much. People who don't know any better like to scoff at the high prices of commercial work and film/video production, but they have no idea what it really takes to get it done on the back end, and that before you even started. I mean I have probably been working for about a solid 8 hours so far on this and it will be more like 12 by the time I'm done and then it's questionable if we'll even land the gig.

Guess that's why they call it passion.

Thanks for listening,

_Da Management 

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Globo Mundo Web Launch

Well never thought this one was going to finally happen. It did. Sort of half assed, but there is a web page. There will be so much more to come with a plethora of Artists from all walks of life and different mediums. Weather it be music, film, art, science, design, comedy, animation whatever you name it. I mean it. Soon you will be saying that Globo Mundo Multi Media Group has a Plethora of artists. But in the meantime, Eric'c going to have to hold it down for us. So hopefully he gets some more stuff (content) up for all you people to check out.

Oh and I want to note that we do have an acronym for our name and we will be referring to it so make note...Globo Mundo Multi Media Group is you guessed it, GMMMG or G3MG,which is what we will more than likely go for since now that I type it, it looks better. So G3MG it is.Neat.


_Da Management 

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